Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to School

Not that I actually took much time off between summer classes and working, but it is that time of year again.  I'm hoping to get back into a regular posting schedule, though with 18 credit hours and 15 hours of work a week...that may mean a few posts with more links than observations.  Either way, I hope to make it interesting.

On that note, here are some links for you to enjoy!

Ever wonder about geologists on other planets?  Here is one from mars!

This is a photograph of the earth and the moon from the spacecraft Juno, who is on it's way to the moon.

If that makes you feel small, here are some visitors to earth in the next week.

Apparently I am feeling spacey today.  I'm going to chalk that up to putting off my Organic Chemistry Lab book.  So for something related to organics...kind of...ok maybe its a bit of a stretch...a picture or three of the garden.

These were supposed to be cherry tomatoes.  Talk about over achieving.

Taken in the middle of August,  this is a very small portion of the new batch of tomatoes.
Not the best picture, but here is the jungle.

The poor plant in the front got hit with spider mites. Nasty little guys who basically suck the plant dry.  We did manage to save all of the tomatoes however, so lucked out there.  The rest of the plants are about five feet tall and doing great thanks to the kindly old man that lives behind us. He saved the day with a miticide he uses for his roses (mites cannot be killed by just insecticide, as they are technically in the spider family and therefore not an insect.) and in return, he and his wife were able to enjoy about three pounds of tomatoes from the garden!

Ok, enough procrastination, O-Chem here I come!

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