Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Roadtrip

Inspired by a post over at Garry Hayes over at Geotripper, I decided to post some of my favorite scenery along I-70 between Denver and Grand Junction. PBF and I spent Black Friday returning to Grand Junction after visiting family in Denver for Thanksgiving. In my opinion, a much better way to "spend" Black Friday!  And because I forgot to bring a camera, Google Street View will be assisting in the photos.

This water wheel (faint in center) outside Idaho Springs was built in 1896.  They had it covered with a big jack'o'lantern left over from Halloween of which I did not manage to get a picture.

Colorado's rich mining history has traces left along the sides of the highway.  Here is a tailing pile just west of Idaho Springs

The approach to Eisenhower Tunnel.  This amazing feat of engineering takes one over a mile and a half through a mountain from the Atlantic watershed to the Pacific watershed.

Nothing like some high elevation sedimentary rocks. These are located up near the top of Vail Pass

Dipping layers southwest of Vail, CO 

Steeply dipping layers just a few miles down from the last photo. This is just west of Wilmor Lake in the Eagle Basin. This is easily one of my favorite roadcuts
I can't tell you how great of timing the Google Van had in capturing a train running through debris from what was one of the many rock slides which plague Glenwood Canyon.  
The Eagle Basin is home the town of Gypsum, Colorado. The city is aptly named due to the extensive gypsum mining operation. The layers that were neatly organized in the last few photos are seen here super deformed due to the "flow" of gypsum.

Though not as well publicized for rock falls, DeBeque Canyon has it's share of lesser stable rocks.  This triangular on in the middle of the screen is one of my favorites. Though the rock itself is a well cemented sandstone, the rocks holding it up are close to silt and mudstone.

There is a brief highlight of how I spent my Black Friday. Much more fun than shopping!

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