Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm back!

I decided that two months is too long to go without a post. (So I'm getting one just shy of two months)  Between two classes and work (that's right I'm gainfully employed now!) this summer has been flying by. I'm working as a math/geology/statistics peer tutor for my school and will be able to continue to do so during the school year. I'm really enjoying helping other students and it is definitly solidifying my desire to become a teacher.  Now that I am back in a routine however, I should be back to regular posts. This one is about the garden PBF and I have been tending.

We live in an apartment so there isn't much room for a normal garden but we have a small back patio with enough room for a few tomato and pepper plants.  We started the garden indoors in March. I believe I have a few pictures up from then.  Finally towards the end of May we were able to transplant the pepper and tomatoes into their final destinations, five gallon buckets from Home Depot.

Here they are looking a little sickly from being stuck in small containers for far too long.

They get about 6-8 hours of sun a day, and after about three weeks, they had grown to this!  I do wish I had a picture of what the weeds in the area looked like before I finally got to pulling them all.  They were starting to overgrow the buckets.

Tomatoes to the right and center and peppers to the left.

The bushy guy in the front center is made up of three cherry tomato plants in the same container.  The plan is that the three plants will support each other without a tomato cage and once the outdoor growing season is over, we can bring them inside with a grow lamp and keep them going through the winter!  Homegrown tomatoes year round!

They have all done amazingly well, and here is what they look like today!

They are growing so fast!

The count as of Monday was at least 50 tomatoes that are at least the size of a dime (and about 10 that are close to full grown), and 10-15 peppers. I'm hopeful that within the next two weeks we will be able to harvest the first batch!

Not bad for starting from seeds.

Seedling starter tray back in March.

Yum salsa garden!

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