Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brief Intermission

This is midterms week.  The dreaded week before spring break. I am already working on a speech concerning why should you care about geology, so I'm sure that will turn into a post over spring break. I'm also hopeing the weather will cooperate, and I can fill your eyes with the beauty that is Western Colorado. For now, however, I will be short and sweet, with some "Oooh and Aaaah" links of pictures from various sources I try to read with some regularity. 

I follow a lot of geology and astronomy pages on twitter.  They provide many spectacular photos of which I probably would never see.
This is a photo taken from the International Space Station as the Shuttle Discovery detaches for it's journey home.
This is a photo of the Sun from Earth using a filter that only accepts a wavelength of light emitted by the element Hydrogen.
This (if you scroll down a bit) is a photo of a seriously huge storm on Saturn.
This is a photo taken form the International Space Station while two of the astronauts are on a space walk.

Sorry for the short post, see you after midterms!

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